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Lisbon – Market Report Q3 2018

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CASAFARI has recently published its Lisbon Q3 2018 Market Report, where we have compiled data from across 23 parishes of Lisbon to bring a clear overview of price and property listings. Use our findings to stay up to date with the market and be informed on the best property deals.

Lisbon is one of the most charming and charismatic cities in Europe, full of Portuguese character but with flourishing links to international cultures. This municipality caters to a range of lifestyles, from the family-friendly Campo de Ourique to the bohemian Bairro Alto. CASAFARI gathered data from 23 parishes, resulting in almost 360,000 listings across 215 public sources. This a huge and exciting mark up from the 52,000 listings we gathered in our July 2018 Lisbon Market Report, reflecting CASAFARI’s rapidly growing scope as a platform and metasearch for accurate property data.

Arroios has by far the most active property listings, with a figure of 571. At the bottom end is the northern parish of Santa Clara with 38, which is in huge contrast to its less rural neighbours Olivais and Lumiar which each have over 300 properties listed.

Santa Clara is also the most affordable area at €2,577 per square metre, which is consistent with the July 2018 Lisbon market report; this is an indication of the parish’s more rural environment compared with the rest of the city’s more urban modernity, which is in much higher demand.

In keeping with this principle, Santa Maria Maior and Santo Antonio, two parishes that comprise the historic old town, boast the highest asking prices at €5,934 and €5,832 per square metre respectively. As also mentioned in our July report, the traditionally cheaper area of Alcantara now has an average asking price of €4,229, reflecting its growing reputation as a hub of culture; even this Q3 figure is a notable growth on the July figure of €4,046. By following our reports, you will be able to keep track of vital data like this that will help to inform your view of the market. For more information on the original characteristics and attractions that each parish has to offer, take a look at the CASAFARI Lisbon area guide.

Read the full Lisbon Q3 2018 market report here.

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