Bohemian and tranquil hideaway in the heart of the city

The most sought-after area in the city of Palma with an amazing vitality, Santa Catalina has become very popular among residents and second home buyers seeking for prime property in Palma de Mallorca.

Santa Catalina Property Insights

The district of Santa Catalina is found on a hillock and surrounds the neighborhoods of Son Españolet and Son Armadams. Originally, it was a fishing village because of its proximity to the sea. This gave way to the typical low-built houses with characteristic balconies and façades with Majorcan shutters. Some of them have small gardens as well.

Prices on Santa Catalina property market differ significantly from Palma de Mallorca overall. The average price for an apartment here is lower, hovering around per square meter. Privileged sea view positions add a premium value to apartments and houses here; the average value of a house is currently per square meter. If you’re looking to invest, you can expect to pay  per square meter.

The most renowned real estate agencies on Santa Catalina property market offering the greatest number of listings are BconnectedBalear Invest and ImmoAbroad.

Santa Catalina property price analysis.

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Why Santa Catalina Property?

It is a truly cosmopolitan district, where you can find among its residents people from different countries. By bringing their culture, they give the neighborhood a special charm and elegance. Here, you can meet Mallorcan ladies with their trolleys as they go for their daily shop, and Swedish women dressed out in the latest fashion.

The neighbourhood has quiet tranquil streets, giving it a bohemian feeling that characterizes this area. Foreign residents and local inhabitants often refer to it as the ”Soho of Palma”. It has gained this nickname because of this bohemian flavor with a fashionable mix of cultures, traditional market, plenty of stylishness and elegance.

Located next to the Old Town center and the Paseo Marítimo, Santa Catalina is a very attractive district for prime residence. Here, you have beautiful open views to the green park and the harbor. Conveniently, it is also in the close vicinity to all the services of modern living.

The important advantage is the proximity to the airport that is just 11 km away. Moreover, it is closely located to international schools, which is an attractive point for families with children. The range of health centers and local culture of organic food will also bring you the best habits of a healthy lifestyle.

The neighborhood is also famous for its food market ”Mercat de Santa Catalina”. It retains the essence of traditional markets, where you will find interesting stalls selling typical products from the best local artisan food producers. Fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and spices are brought from the Majorcan countryside and the rest of Spain. Also, there is a recent popular tendency of eating at one of the newly opened restaurants within the market.

The district is one the most generous in Palma with regards to the gastronomic offerings. On its main street of Carrera de la Fabrica, you will find the greatest variety of bars and restaurants decorated with the latest artistic trends. Local cafes invite you for traditional tapas. Besides Spanish cuisine, there are spots serving authentic dishes from around the world. Here you can taste food from Indian, Peruvian, Vietnamese, Moroccan and Italian cultures. Most of the places are open very late at night.

This way, Santa Catalina is a tranquil and bohemian hideaway in a city with all the facilities and hotspots available in close proximity.

Santa Catalina property market analysis.